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Decorating Kids’ Rooms & Family Spaces

papillon-copains_01_72Our first Decorating Kids’ Rooms and Family Spaces workshop will be held early next year – I love doing children’s rooms, so simply can’t wait.

It’ll be held at Blake and Taylor, Saturday, March 1st – will run from 9:30 to 12:30 and the cost is $165, which includes morning tea.

Here’s a gorgeous image to inspire from Christian Fischbacher fabrics…

Also, I’m now on Facebook, if you’d like to take a look, it’ – thank you!

Kids Rooms

Cute idea with wall decals from Bikkenkjen

Cute idea with wall decals from Binnenkijken

Thanks to Home Beautiful this month for including me in their kids spaces feature – one of the easiest things to do if you’re decorating a child’s room and find yourself a bit stuck, is to paint the walls and all the big pieces of furniture white – and then go mad with colour in all your gorgeous accessories (but keep the colour palette to one theme, think ‘worn vintage’ or ‘gelato’ etc.).

This looks especially cool if the furniture is vintage – but remember to always check the paint isn’t lead based before you start sanding and painting old pieces.

And…just to let you know, I’m finally on Facebook, much easier to update! So please pop onto Tahn Scoon Stylist to check out!

New Workshop Venue!


My workshops have a new permanent home at Blake and Taylor’s Creative Space (downstairs from their gorgeous store), 11 Latrobe Tce, Paddington! The girls upstairs will also be serving us a delish light lunch on the day. Really looking forward to my first class on Saturday October 26…if you’d like to book in, please go to or email

Kitchen Bling

IMG_7974aThe Entertainer_MG_5826

Many of us love a fresh, white kitchen – and while this may be appropriate (say in a ‘Hampton’s style’ home – specify Shaker profiles and traditional hardware from the likes of Restoration Station or Mother of Pearl and Sons) – it may also just be too predictable, so consider darker, moodier colours, unexpected light fittings, recycled timber, wallpaper, feature panels etc. 

If you’re updating an existing kitchen or bathroom, one that is perfectly fine but perfectly boring, and too good to rip out – consider instantly updating bathrooms with roman blinds or shower curtains in colourful patterned outdoor fabrics, gorgeous ornate mirrors, free-standing furniture, wall sconces, designer towels and plenty of plants.
A plain dime-a-dozen all-white (or similar) kitchen can be updated with cool pendants/chandeliers, bright barstools, wallpaper, retro fridge or some blackboard paint. 
Some images to inspire…Tx

Feature Walls


Tahn Scoon

Feature walls always look best when the wall you’re going to paper or paint – is an architectural feature in it’s own right (as pictured in this living room). Just doesn’t look as good as if say, you have three plain white walls and then, bang, one blue wall – look for natural nooks and crannies – or create an architectural feature as in the second photo, in this bedroom the homeowner has added VJ cladding and shallow timber shelves – simple and gorgeous!

If you’d like a wallpapered feature wall – paint the remaining walls in the background colour of the paper – this way it’ll flow rather than being disjointed. Feature walls can be gorgeous, they just need to make sense. Tx

Photo of living room by Anastasia K – – photo of bedroom by John Downs –

Author Events

New Vintage Cover_1j

Please feel free to come along to the following author events to celebrate the launch of the second edition of ‘New Vintage’ – most of these events are free or just the cost of a morning tea – and most will feature a mini workshop or talk…love to see you there, T


Blake & Taylor

Thursday August 22 – 10:30am – Morning Tea and Talk “How to Style Like a Pro!”

11 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington Qld 4064

Bookings: 07 3369 7255

Side Street Vintage

Friday August 23 – 10:30am – Morning Tea and Talk “How to Style Like a Pro!”

Shop 5, 85 Riding Rd, Hawthorne QLD 4171

Bookings: 3399 2729

Mary Ryan’s Milton

Thursday August 29 – 6:15pm – Nibbles and Author Talk “How to Style Like a Pro!”

40 Park Road, Milton

Bookings: 3510 5000

Brisbane Home Show

Author Talk “Going Vintage: how to revamp and reinvigorate!”

Friday September 6th at 11am, Saturday September 7th at 2pm, Sunday September 8th at 1pm

(entry ticket to Home Show applies)

More advanced workshops


Well, started the first series of advanced workshops last Saturday and it was a really inspiring and successful day – the class number was limited to six, which was really nice as we could really delve into things and all contribute. The room I’ve secured is one of the many rooms in That’s Unique, a really gorgeous furniture and homewares store in East Brisbane – the whole store is quite a revelation as when you first walk in you have no idea how big the space is, as it’s a series of rooms all beautifully presented and decorated – anyway we spent the day in ‘the dining room’ and it was lovely!

Being such a small class, we got through a lot – just one of the more practical things we learnt was how to measure up for curtains, some decorators hire people in to do it, but if you can learn to do it yourself, you’ll save your client (or yourself as the case may be) time and money. A couple of quick tips – to make the most of light and view, and to make a window look grander, always mount curtains at least 100-mm above the architrave and extend the tracks 100-mm plus (I usually do 200) to each side.

I have a little waiting list for the next advanced series of workshops, which will be starting in July – please let me know if you’re interested by emailing

Have a gorgeous day,


Photo by John Downs,




Advanced workshops


We had an overwhelming response to the Decorating 101 beginner workshops at Side Street Vintage – and had to add a number of extra dates – so thank you! For those who would like more in depth training – I’m holding some advanced workshops in East Brisbane in June – these workshops will cover everything from window treatments to green decorating and colour palettes – they’re perfect whether you want to have all the skills you’ll need to complete your own home – or they can serve as a great starting point for those wishing for a career in the industry – the cost is $495 for two full days and one showroom visit (run over three Saturdays) and includes a light lunch on the full days. The venue is a gorgeously decorating and very inspiring room at That’s Unique on Stanley Street. The classes are very small, only 6 to a class and I only have two spots left – so if you’re interested, please email me at Cheers!

Decorating 101 Workshops

IMG_8326It’s been so long since I’ve posted but thanks to Lucy at Style mag, Laura at Bmag and of course Anna at Home Beautiful, I’ve been getting a great response to the decorating workshops I’ve just started – so thank you!!

If you’re interested in doing a beginners class, they go for 2 hrs and cover all the basics like wall and window treatments and fabric selection – they’re very relaxed and fun and only $55, which includes a light morning tea. The venue is Side Street Vintage, a cute little store and studio space, which sells vintage furniture and holds all sorts of craft workshops – it’s very gorgeous – if you’d like to book into a workshop, please call Tracey at Side Street Vintage on 07 3399 2729 – would love to see you there!

Photo by Anastasia K from our new book, which will be out in August

In a flattering light…

Every home needs plenty of good natural daylight. If your home does not receive enough, consider installing a skylight, exchanging solid internal doors with glass-panelled doors or replacing existing windows with French doors. On the other hand, some homes can have too much natural light. If this is the case, you can soften strong light with sheer curtains or blinds, (without losing the ability to see out) or perhaps consider planting and other forms of external shading. To light the house at night, I prefer to install one stunning pendant rather than rows of down lights. If one pendant does not illuminate the room enough, support it with just a few down lights, or table and floor lamps. Layering light in this way creates a lovely ambience. Lamps create side lighting, which is generally much softer and more flattering than down lighting. They can also be rather beautiful to look. (Check out some of the gorgeous Japanese-inspired prints from Seven Dandelions – and their ‘Hangman’ timber bases – fabulous). If you have a lamp base you adore but the shade is a little tatty, carefully cut the existing fabric away from the frame of the shade and replace it with a gorgeous new fabric. All you will need is some craft glue, and a little bit of patience.

Bright industrial lamp in designer Kelly Moore’s workspace.