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B & A – Garden chair

This chair (and a matching two-seater) was a roadside find – and pretty much a cinch to do up – if you find something similar, this is what you do…

Firstly, rub over with diluted bleach to get rid of the mould and dirt – and then give a quick sand. Next, a couple of coats of fresh, white paint (enamel cracks and turns yellow in the sun – so use an acrylic (water-based) paint).

For the cushions – measure up the seat size and pop into your local foam store (I ordered mine from Dyman Foams but you could also try Clark Rubber) and they’ll usually cut it for you on the spot. I also ordered some extra pieces for the back cushions. It’s very important to ask for outdoor foam – there’s two basic types; closed or open cell. Closed cell foam is very dense and doesn’t let the water penetrate at all – open cell foam, as the name suggests, is very porous and lets the water run straight through. I prefer the open cell foam.

And of course it’s really important to use a specialised outdoor fabric, otherwise you may have problems with mould and the fabric may fade rather quickly (especially in our harsh Australian sun!).

(For this project, I used ‘Mimosa’ in Indigo from Mokum). 

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  1. This makeover is gorgeous Tahn! What a difference it makes!

    October 26, 2011
  2. Wow, the result is gorgeous. You have a great eye!

    March 18, 2013

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