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Before & After – Vintage Chair

These are my favourite chairs, I found them at a local garage sale for only $300 each – a few people were shocked that I’d paid that much at a garage sale – but they were the real deal, so trust me, it was a bargain. I had one of them professionally re-covered for my book (by Parry & William’s Upholsterers – they’re the best, been around for a long time). Played it safe fabric-wise with a gorgeous thick linen from Mokum (‘Mica’ in Cigar) – and now I’m ready to have the other one re-covered – and I want to be a little more daring – I want to do a pattern but because of the deep buttoning detail, will have to choose a small patterned fabric – I’m liking this one from Schumacher, ‘Chiang Mai Dragon’ in Mocha…let you know how it goes!

Photos of vintage chair by Anastasia K – from our book, ‘New Vintage’

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful print!

    March 14, 2012
  2. J #

    Your book ‘New Vintage’ came to my eyes when I was going thru all the new interior books in a bookstore.
    I loved it, I loooove it because it is not like those many ‘vintage books’ already published, they all look very old and worn, very hard to apply to modern living life style unless you are really mad about vintage.
    I like your style it has the charm of vintage but also have a modern feel. it has some weight(if I can put it this way..)of luxe that I like, not everything is ‘Shabby chic’..
    Thank you again for the lovely book.

    September 25, 2012
    • Hi Jin, thanks for your gorgeous comments – so glad you like the book – it not being Shabby Chic was exactly what we wanted, so I’m happy you noticed! Tx

      September 25, 2012

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