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I know most people spend $20,000 – $50,000 renovating their kitchen – but this story proves it can be done so much cheaper…My good friend, interiors photographer Anastasia Kariofyllidis and her husband Jason bought an old 1950s house and renovated the kitchen gorgeously but cheaply themselves. They started by gutting it completely to get rid of the asbestos. The floors were taken back to the original floorboards and the walls to the original cement. The plan was to plaster and then paint the walls – but they fell in love with the grey of the raw walls and sealed them with a clear sealer instead.

Then – and this is where the major saving was achieved – they furnished the room with free-standing pieces, all found on-sale – which of course is miles cheaper than commissioning custom built-in cabinetry – they even bought a commercial stainless steel sink as a free-standing piece – and Anastasia’s mum whipped up a linen cloth curtain in lieu of a cupboard door. Pressed metal panels (painted grey by Jason) were used as a splashback (don’t know if this was much cheaper but lends a cool industrial edge to the scheme)

And the really amazing part about it is how much this gorgeous kitchen cost. Excluding appliances, it came in at an astounding $3400!

Though this style won’t lend itself to all homes, if you have an older home with plenty of character and a large enough kitchen, it’ll work fabulously.

Photos by AK

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