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In a flattering light…

Every home needs plenty of good natural daylight. If your home does not receive enough, consider installing a skylight, exchanging solid internal doors with glass-panelled doors or replacing existing windows with French doors. On the other hand, some homes can have too much natural light. If this is the case, you can soften strong light with sheer curtains or blinds, (without losing the ability to see out) or perhaps consider planting and other forms of external shading. To light the house at night, I prefer to install one stunning pendant rather than rows of down lights. If one pendant does not illuminate the room enough, support it with just a few down lights, or table and floor lamps. Layering light in this way creates a lovely ambience. Lamps create side lighting, which is generally much softer and more flattering than down lighting. They can also be rather beautiful to look. (Check out some of the gorgeous Japanese-inspired prints from Seven Dandelions – and their ‘Hangman’ timber bases – fabulous). If you have a lamp base you adore but the shade is a little tatty, carefully cut the existing fabric away from the frame of the shade and replace it with a gorgeous new fabric. All you will need is some craft glue, and a little bit of patience.

Bright industrial lamp in designer Kelly Moore’s workspace.

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  1. Love the colour too.

    July 2, 2012

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