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More advanced workshops


Well, started the first series of advanced workshops last Saturday and it was a really inspiring and successful day – the class number was limited to six, which was really nice as we could really delve into things and all contribute. The room I’ve secured is one of the many rooms in That’s Unique, a really gorgeous furniture and homewares store in East Brisbane – the whole store is quite a revelation as when you first walk in you have no idea how big the space is, as it’s a series of rooms all beautifully presented and decorated – anyway we spent the day in ‘the dining room’ and it was lovely!

Being such a small class, we got through a lot – just one of the more practical things we learnt was how to measure up for curtains, some decorators hire people in to do it, but if you can learn to do it yourself, you’ll save your client (or yourself as the case may be) time and money. A couple of quick tips – to make the most of light and view, and to make a window look grander, always mount curtains at least 100-mm above the architrave and extend the tracks 100-mm plus (I usually do 200) to each side.

I have a little waiting list for the next advanced series of workshops, which will be starting in July – please let me know if you’re interested by emailing

Have a gorgeous day,


Photo by John Downs,




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  1. That’s a great tip about the curtains Tahn. Thanks for that! x

    June 4, 2013

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