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Affordable & Adorable

I know most people spend $20,000 – $50,000 renovating their kitchen – but this story proves it can be done so much cheaper…My good friend, interiors photographer Anastasia Kariofyllidis and her husband Jason bought an old 1950s house and renovated the kitchen gorgeously but cheaply themselves. They started by gutting it completely to get rid of the asbestos. The floors were taken back to the original floorboards and the walls to the original cement. The plan was to plaster and then paint the walls – but they fell in love with the grey of the raw walls and sealed them with a clear sealer instead.

Then – and this is where the major saving was achieved – they furnished the room with free-standing pieces, all found on-sale – which of course is miles cheaper than commissioning custom built-in cabinetry – they even bought a commercial stainless steel sink as a free-standing piece – and Anastasia’s mum whipped up a linen cloth curtain in lieu of a cupboard door. Pressed metal panels (painted grey by Jason) were used as a splashback (don’t know if this was much cheaper but lends a cool industrial edge to the scheme)

And the really amazing part about it is how much this gorgeous kitchen cost. Excluding appliances, it came in at an astounding $3400!

Though this style won’t lend itself to all homes, if you have an older home with plenty of character and a large enough kitchen, it’ll work fabulously.

Photos by AK


White Washed Floors

This is a gorgeous house we just shot for a mag – so fresh and citrusy! Just wanted to share the floors with you – they’re Blackbutt painted with Porter’s Wood Wash in white, which gives a beautiful, soft, aged and limed finish.

Amazingly, the owner, Sonya, swears they’re really easy to maintain – she simply sweeps daily and then mops with a solution of boiling water and meths once a week. I’ve always loved the look but was sure they’d be hard to keep clean but according to the lovely Sonya, they’re easier than regular timber floors (my daughter, cat and I all have dark hair, whereas Sonya is blonde, so not completely convinced but as Sonya says, regular dust definitely shows up less on lighter surfaces).

Actually, this triggers a memory of a rental apartment we lived in, it was brand, spanking new with mid-taupe (almost milk chocolate) coloured tiles and I thought they would be so easy to keep clean – they were horrible! Every mark showed up (the reflective surface of tiles don’t help though).

Have a gorgeous Thursday. T

White Shimmer

This is a gorgeous home we recently shot for Home Beautiful – it belongs to Brisbane media personality Emily Jade – love the white kitchen with it’s Caesar ‘White Shimmer’ benches, crystal cabinet knobs, sparkly art deco style pendants and the damask decorative film on the window screens the neighbouring house whilst still letting in the light (and of course it looks so pretty) – and I’ve always been very partial to a Thonet bar stool.

The study nook next to the kitchen is another gorgeous idea – Emily says it’s very handy for looking up recipes.

To see the rest of this very pretty home, check out this month’s issue of Home Beautiful.

Photography by John Downs. 

Cheap to Chic

Solid raw pine pieces are easy to source cheaply from the likes of IKEA – the problem is, in their natural state, they usually lookincredibly cheap (and a little yellow) – however, a lick of bright paint or dark stain will have them looking fabulous (and more up-market) in no time flat.

As the pine is raw (and make sure it is raw, don’t buy pieces that have been sealed with a clear varnish, they’ll be too hard to prepare) all you have to do is give it a quick sand (just enough to rough up the surface to allow the paint or stain to stick) and then apply a couple of top coats – EASY!

This is a shot of my friend Jocelyn in her kitchen (taken by photographer, John Downs for Real Living) – Jocelyn painted these IKEA pine kitchen stools in Taubmann’s ‘Solar Burst’ – which contrasts beautifully with the dark cabinetry – the stools and paint cost under $60 each – and a shot of Sarah’s IKEA step stool, which she bought for under $15 and stained in a dark shade.

Nina Campbell in the Kitchen

How fabulous is this Nina Campbell wallpaper in my friend Tess’ kitchen! Some people are worried about the longevity of hanging wallpaper in the kitchen due to possible water and steam damage – but if you keep the paper a little away from the sink and stove (as Tess has done) and if you have good ventilation – you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you want to play it extra safe – choose a hard-wearing vinyl (which you’ll be able to wipe down) rather than a more delicate paper.