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White Paint

The right white is always a little tricky to find. Basically white falls into three categories; warm, neutral and cool.

Neutral whites are the true ‘white whites’ – warm whites are a little creamier and work well in traditional homes, and with natural finishes such as timber and linen – and cool whites have a little grey or blue showing through, they work well in more contemporary homes and with man-made materials such as steel and glass.

Use lighter hues to bring more light into the home and darker hues to cut down on glare and create a cosier ambience.

I’m not a huge fan of true neutral whites in the home, as I think they feel a little cold – and they show up every little imperfection. Instead, I always head for light shades of warm white (lovely creamy ivories and vanillas). My current favourites are “Milk” by Porter’s Paints and “Natural White” by Dulux.

I particularly love Porter’s products are they’re so low in VOCs and really pleasant to work with.

Photo by Anastasia K.