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Happy New Year!

I’ve just been asked to decorate two little girl’s rooms – which I’m really happy about as I love doing children’s rooms and actually don’t get to do them that often.

With kids’ rooms I think it’s pretty important to ensure they’re healthy rooms, which is where decorating with vintage furniture really comes into its own. You see, most new furniture (that isn’t specifically made to be eco-friendly) is finished with all sorts of nasty chemicals that keep off-gassing into the room for some time – however, vintage furniture is usually finished in natural products like shellac (a natural gum derived from the lac beetle) or if it’s painted, has off-gassed years ago anyway (just be wary of restoring any pieces that might contain lead paint, you can buy a lead paint testing kit for about $10 at your local paint shop – and of course re-paint in a low VOC paint).

You can buy so many healthy decorating products now, including organic linen, natural floorcoverings and even eco-fabrics (see the beautiful organic linens from Luna Direct, – pictured above).

Most of all in children’s rooms, you get to have fun and play – check out this fabulous craft corner in this Binnenkijken shot…