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White Washed Floors

This is a gorgeous house we just shot for a mag – so fresh and citrusy! Just wanted to share the floors with you – they’re Blackbutt painted with Porter’s Wood Wash in white, which gives a beautiful, soft, aged and limed finish.

Amazingly, the owner, Sonya, swears they’re really easy to maintain – she simply sweeps daily and then mops with a solution of boiling water and meths once a week. I’ve always loved the look but was sure they’d be hard to keep clean but according to the lovely Sonya, they’re easier than regular timber floors (my daughter, cat and I all have dark hair, whereas Sonya is blonde, so not completely convinced but as Sonya says, regular dust definitely shows up less on lighter surfaces).

Actually, this triggers a memory of a rental apartment we lived in, it was brand, spanking new with mid-taupe (almost milk chocolate) coloured tiles and I thought they would be so easy to keep clean – they were horrible! Every mark showed up (the reflective surface of tiles don’t help though).

Have a gorgeous Thursday. T