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Petit Trianon

Just realised how much I love this fabric – and have probably over-used it in my house! It’s been around for a few years and I still love it – just goes to show, sometimes it’s worth splashing out on an expensive designer fabric – it’s like splashing out on a piece of designer clothing that you’ll wear for years, well worth it in the long run – and like teaming a designer ballerina skirt with a Bond’s singlet – it makes your other pieces look more expensive by association!

These are all different colourways of Mokum’s ‘Petit Trianon’ – the Chartreuse I used as a tablecloth for my daughter’s thirteenth birthday party on the weekend, very decadent I know but it looked so gorgeous set with vintage china; the Night cushion was made up for my sister’s bedroom; and the Coral cushions were made up for my book but I now use them in my living room – I was told Mokum flew it’s fabric designers to France to visit Marie Antoinette’s palace as the inspiration behind this collection – this particular design is a modern take on a French Baroque wall ornamentation – the design is embroidered on a linen base cloth.

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